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Illustrator: Nigel Gough

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Project: Jade Tower
Media: Digital

Project: Emerson Park Redevelopment
Client: City Design
Media: Digital

Project: Shaoxing Development
Client: Place
Media: Mixed Media

Project: Xianen Development
Client: Place
Media: Mixed Media

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Nigel Gough, Michelle Gough
Nigel Gough Illustrations

81 Constellation Way,
Wynnum North, Brisbane QLD 4178

TEL: 07 3393 5338
MOB: 0412 723 050

  • Hand Rendered (watercolour, gouache, tempera, markers etc)
  • Digital (computer generated 2D/3D modeling)
  • Animation
  • Mixed Media (includes digital and/or photography and/or hand rendered)
  • Travelling Artist

  • Awards
    2009 ASAI Award of Excellence; 1994 Board of Architects Prize; 1986 Australian Design Institute Prize.